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Killington Wedding FAQ

How much does a Killington Wedding Cost?

A Killington wedding can be as economical or as lavish as you'd like. Thanks to our large variety of locations and venues, most budgets can be met. A simple wedding in a grassy valley is a low-cost solution, while couples with a larger budget may

 prefer to rent an entire bed and breakfast or ballroom for their event. Your wedding coordinator can help you come up with a feasable budget while still working within your plan and desires.

How much will transportation and lodging cost my guests?

Killington offers no shortage of lodging options, which means you have your pick from rustic cabins to bed and breakfasts to slopeside luxury hotels. You can offer your guests the option of booking their lodging at any location of their chosing, which allows them to set their own budget. As Killington properties are all centrally located, it'll still be easy for your guests to attend your events. Or, you can book with a hotel or inn in bulk, enabling you to offer better deals and discounts to your guests.

For local guests, Killington will be a breeze to get to. We're right on Rt. 4 and Rt. 100, easily connecting us to most of the state. Inexpensive airlines fly into Boston and Albany, and weekend car rentals are always available. There's even an airport in Rutland (approx. 20 minutes from Killington), offering daily shuttle service in and out of Boston.

Are food and activities expensive?

Killington offers unbelivable experiences, but most places are locally owned and flexible when it comes to meeting your needs. Owners and businesses want to share their town with you, so if you think you can't afford something, just ask! You may learn that your dream wedding is more of a reality than you think.

I'm on a budget - can I afford a destination wedding?

Of course! Everything you need for a wedding - a site, flowers, a salon, etc - has to be paid for anyway, so you might as well do it somewhere fun! To really cut down on your costs, consider doing a wedding mid-week or in the off season. Booking rooms in bulk will result in better pricing, and outdoor events like BBQs, hikes, or visiting museums can be a free or nearly-free way to offer your guests unique activities. And don't forget, Killington is a beautiful region - hiking, siteseeing are always free, and the town of Killington offers free events like summer concerts throughout the year.

How will my guests get around while they're in Killington?

Killington has a regional seasonal bus service that runs from Killington to Rutland (near Amtrak and Rutland Regional Airport) multiple times per day. Additionally, local taxi services are available for smaller groups, while bus and coach rentals are available for your whole party to travel in style.

Where do we get a marriage license?

If you and your soon-to-be husband or wife both live in Vermont, you can get a wedding permit in either county of residence. If only one of you is a Vermont resident, you must get the license in your county of residence. If neither of you are Vermont residents, you can get a marriage license anywhere in Vermont.

What's the weather like in Killington?

Killington, Vermont has four distinct seasons, and the weather varies greatly depending on the time of year. Because Killington is internationally know for skiing, it's no surprise that Killington is a winter wonderland for much of the year.  Winter unofficially starts in November and stretches until the end of March, when temperatures start to warm. Temperatures average around 20 degrees in the depth of winter and creep slowly up to the 30s and 40s during the early spring. It may surprise you that March is, on average, the snowiest month in Killington, with an average snowfall of 57 inches.  Late season snowfall typically allows for skiing at Killington Resort until the beginning of May.  

Like most places in the Northeast, Spring weather is variable.  Vermonters often refer to early spring as "mud season" because rising temperatures cause the frozen ground and snow in the mountains to melt.  In May and June, the vegetation buds and blooms with vibrant green color.  Summers, lasting from approximately mid June until the end of August, are mild and have average temperatures in the mid 70s and low 80s.  Excessively hot days can usually be avoided by heading up into the mountains or visiting a local swimming hole. Warm days and cold nights are typical in September and October, creating the perfect recipe for colorfull fall foliage. When the last leaves fall, it’s strictly ski season, with steady snowfall and world-class skiing all winter.

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