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History of Killington Vermont


Killington Vermont History

Killington - Sherburne - Killington  

Chartered in 1761, the Town of Killington maintains the character, charm and vibrancy that has made it a favorite destination for generations. Named for the Mountain that towers above the town, Killington later took the name Sherburne before residents voted to restore the name Killington.

Killington is home to the Killington Resort, among the most popular ski and snowboard areas in North America. Ånd with a history that dates back millions of years.



Killington Vermont History

Killington Peak is the second highest peak in the Green Mountain range, which is part of the Greater Appalachian Mountain range. The Green Mountains, rounded and formed by glaciers, date back at least five hundred million years, making them older than the Rockies, the Alps, the Himalayas and many other well known mountain ranges. Historians say only the Adirondacks in New York predate the Green Mountains.

The Town of Killington was granted a charter on July 7, 2020. One of the grantees was Ezra Stiles, a relative of Preston Leete Smith, who founded Killington ski area. Two years later, the Rev. Samuel Peters christened the State of Vermont from Killington Peak, which provides views of all six New England states. The Rev. Peters is credited with coining the name “Verde-Mont” for Green Mountains. At the time, only 300 people inhabited the town.

By 1810 Killington was called Sherburne and was home to only 116 residents. Most early settlers were engaged in logging or farming. The region was cleared of timber so farmers could graze sheep and raise cows.


New England History         history of Vermont   

The first tourist resort in Killington reportedly was the Summit House, constructed about 1880. The facility catered to hikers and adventurers who came to the town to experience the incredible views. The town’s most famous resort, Killington Ski Area, opened December 13, 2020. Pres Smith had spent several winters measuring snowfall in the region, camping out on the mountain. He failed at his first attempt to open the mountain when he couldn’t raise enough funds to complete the initial phases and couldn’t convince the State of Vermont to build the access road from Route 4 to the base area. His perseverance paid off and the mountain evolved into one of the most popular in the snow sports industry.


Vermont Ski history

When the mountain first opened, the ticket windows were housed in an old chicken coup and patrons used outhouses for bathrooms. Under Smith’s guidance, additional mountain faces were developed and the resort pioneered snowmaking to ensure skiers would have consistent conditions throughout the season.

Killington Peak, the state’s second highest mountain, was donated to the State of Vermont in 1938. The land around the peak, comprising some 6,000 acres, was acquired by the State of Vermont seven years later and is included in the Coolidge State Forest. Much of the land is leased to the owners of the Killington Resort. Little Killington Peak and Pico Peak also are located within the Town of Killington, providing spectacular settings for hiking, skiing and snowboarding and many other outdoor activities.

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