Soon the Killington Area will be all a glitter with Holiday Lights! Imagine a wonderful winter wonderland for you to discover and explore with your family and friends.

As Killington Chamber of Commerce businesses are gearing up for the holiday season, we invite you to experience and take part in the Killington Holiday spirit! The Killington Holiday Lights Festival is a fun, interactive event for the whole community, as well as a family activity. Come and wonder around this winter wonderland and vote for the “best dressed” business. You are responsible for the judging, which will be done from Dec. 14th - Jan. 3rd.

Starting on Dec 14th a list of participating businesses will be posted on this page and you will be able to vote for the “best dressed” business. You will also be able to stop by the Killington Chamber of Commerce office, located on Route 4 next to the Post Office, and pick up a list of participating businesses, a map, and a ballot. Or you can pick up a copy of the Mountain Times for the list of businesses and ballot. Votes will be collected at the chamber office by drop-off, mail, fax, or e-mail, between Dec 14th and Jan. 3rd. Those that enter a vote will be eligible to win a $50 gift certificate from Ppeppers.

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