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  • May 19, 2020

May 19 – “Creating a Free Website on Google Sites” with Susan Wacker-Donle, Guild Web Master.  10:00 AM – 2:00 PM 508-259-1639.

Fee $40 for members; $50 non-members. 

Registration forms at

Creating a Free Website with Google Sites
Susan Wacker-Donle / KAG Webmaster        
Saturday, May 19th  10am-2pm

In today’s world, if you or your business is not on the web then you do not exist. To establish yourself virtually at no cost, Google offers registered users free hosting and website creation.  Users can publish biographies and resumes; create custom looking designs incorporating artwork, videos, slideshows, attachments and text. Numerous templates and gadgets are available on Google to assist you in creating a portfolio of work to share on-line, the ability to link your site to Facebook & twitter, share photos and videos with others, as well as create an online store to sell your work.

Killington Arts Guild & Susan R Wacker Photography are Google Sites

From start to publish

This workshop will take you through setting up your site with a step-by-step visual presentation.

Discussions and demonstrations include:

  • Registering your domain name
  • Creation of custom background templates
  • Preparation of artwork  & text files for upload
  • Google chrome
  • Understanding the website landscape
  • Walk-thru of google sites tutorial
  • A look at google gadgets
  • Publishing your site
  • Verifying your site

No prior web experience needed or knowledge of html code.

Google sites is a “wysiwyg”=”what you see is what you get program, creating an easier, more intuitive experience for the beginning webmaster. You create the content > Google writes the code.  It is that simple.

Upon completion of the demo you will have a better understanding of the content process with a map to guide you thru Google Sites and the tools available. A hand out of the presentation will be distributed at the end of the workshop allowing you to create your site from your home computer using what you learned from the workshop.

Fee for members: $40.00 / non-members: $50.00

Venue: TBA

What to bring: A pad for taking notes and a writing implement

Note: There will be a ½ hour break for lunch. Please bring your own. No food or beverages are provided.